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Newsletter 18th January

Hello everyone,

I hope you are well and have had a good week. Citrus season is well and truly underway, the blood oranges are amazing, clementine’s are insanely good and the oranges are so juicy (they make a very good orange martini) so I will be sure to try and get these in the boxes over the next few weeks while they are around!

I am looking for a bit of feedback from you this week if possible, last week we sent out sweet potato in the boxes however there were some people who were hoping to also have white potatoes on top of the sweet potato – if we are going to put sweet potato in the boxes one week would you prefer to have white potato too or just the sweet potato?

Another few questions I wanted to ask you was:

  1. How do you feel about fresh herbs being added into the boxes?
  2. Would you like to see some unusual veg that perhaps you wouldn’t normally buy to mix things up?
  3. Are you happy with the current veg/fruit split if you get a mixed box?
  4. The sweet potato question in the paragraph above.

I will in the next couple weeks send out a survey via email too but if you could spare a few minutes to email me on vegbox@rootsfruitsandflowers.com with your answers and any other feedback too would be appreciated as it means we can help make our service better for you.

As I have previously mentioned we are still facing a lot of difficulty sourcing fruit and veg at reasonable prices due to Brexit at the moment. I am really hoping the current prices come down as soon as possible, it is really sad seeing lovely fresh produce costing so much at the moment especially under the given circumstances. However we will do our best keeping your boxes full as best we can and hopefully some normality will return soon.

Have a wonderful week,


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What happens if I go on holiday?
You can pause your box until you come back. Fill out the holiday notification form and tell us when you'd like to receive your first box after your back.
What fruit and veg will I get in my box?

We will upload a list of produce every week on this page. The produce changes weekly because we like to keep everything fresh and it depends what is in season at the time. If there's anything you don't like, just tell us and we'll do our best to exclude certain produce.

Can I change my box type or add-ons?
Of course! Get in touch with us on vegbox@rootsfruitsandflowers.com or send us a Support Request and we'll help you with finding the right box or add-ons.
I'd like to change the frequency of my veg box delivery?
No problem, submit a Support Request and we'll get this sorted for you.

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