What’s in my veg box this week?

Glasgow’s Veg Box Delivery for
19th July 2021


I hope you have had a fabulous week in this glorious sunshine we have had – it feels like we have been on holiday. Our vegboxes are looking very summery – we have corn in the non-organic which will be great for all the BBQ’s we will be able to have in this sun. The stone fruits this year are gorgeous, so good! Long may they continue while the season lasts!

You will see on our contents list one of our new boxes – the ‘oriental’ box which contains some great items for spicing up your kitchen! We also have a new box called a lucky dip which is great as an extra along side your current box that will make you have to use your imagination in the kitchen. If you would like to add any of these onto your current order emails us on vegbox@rootsfruitsandflowers.com.

A friendly reminder to let you know we really do need any changes to your subscription in by Saturday midday – this is to avoid food waste (if we order the produce then the box is cancelled last minute it increases waste which we are always working to reduce) and keep our delivery runs as efficient as possible. I am sure you can understand.

Enjoy this lovely weather again this week!


Frequently Asked Questions

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What happens if I go on holiday?
You can pause your box until you come back. Fill out the holiday notification form and tell us when you'd like to receive your first box after your back.
What fruit and veg will I get in my box?

We will upload a list of produce every week on this page. The produce changes weekly because we like to keep everything fresh and it depends what is in season at the time. If there's anything you don't like, just tell us and we'll do our best to exclude certain produce.

Can I change my box type or add-ons?
Of course! Get in touch with us on vegbox@rootsfruitsandflowers.com or send us a Support Request and we'll help you with finding the right box or add-ons.
I'd like to change the frequency of my veg box delivery?
No problem, submit a Support Request and we'll get this sorted for you.

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